Omega Horseshine Is Absolutely the Best Value of Any Other Supplement

I am an independent horse trainer and riding instructor. My horse “Buddy” and I currently ride in a rodeo Quadrille Team. I live in Arcadia Florida where the sun will fry a horses coat. My black horse usually has a bleached out, splotchy, dry, and frazzled coat most of the year unless I keep him stalled during the day. I prefer to let him graze 24/7 because we have great pasture, so I end up giving up his looks for proper nutrition and mental stability. I decided to try Omega Horseshine back in May 2007. Why not, since I have already tried all of the other supplements claiming to turn my horse black again. Well I also wormed him and upped his feed, and kept him in the stall because I admit I was skeptical. Well in 1 week his dry, red bleached hairs were being replaced by shiny black hairs when I groomed him.

I told all my teammates on the Arcadia All Florida Saddle Club Quadrille team, friends, and clients it was the Omega Horseshine when they asked if I had dyed my horse black or used black shoe polish and show sheen. He was gorgeous, and all I did was bathe him and trim his whiskers. I didn’t even have to use showsheen because he was naturally soft and shiny.

Believe it or not I was still skeptical, so I stopped using Omega Horseshine after the 20# bag was through. Well I regretted it when he started looking bad again, until this September 2007. He has been on it again for over a month now and I haven’t changed his diet, or kept him stalled. 1 month ago he was bleached out and dry. Now he is black as night and shinier than a show car. I am now convinced that Omega Horseshine is absolutely the best supplement any one can give to their horses, and it is unbelievably the best value of any other supplement. My horses will even eat Omega Horseshine alone without any feed mixed in, so it is definitely palatable. Believe it or not, sweet itch is no longer a problem, his feet look great, he keeps his weight on less feed, I don’t have to use any de-sanding products, and the uncontrollable proud flesh caused by an injury that happened in may 2007 on his left back heel is starting to shrink and I am able to debris it daily with out a topical. I started my 2 horses in September on 1 cup each, and it is the middle of October and I still have at least half a 20# bag left. Omega Horseshine lasts a long time. Thank you so much for making such a great product, with results beginning at 1 week. This is a product that every horse owner should at least try, but I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied with the results.