Omega Horseshine® is the One and ONLY Product That Has Worked

I have to write and tell you how thrilled I am with Omega Horseshine®. I breed, raise and train miniatures horses and have a fair amount of minis to feed. After two weeks of being on the product, I saw noticeable improvement in their coats! With Miniatures having a lot of hair (three times the coat of large horses) they are very prone to skin disorders and fungus. I had a couple of them in my herd that I had been treating topically with different treatments with little or no success.

My breeding stallion was so itchy that he was literally knocking down my fence trying to scratch himself! He had rubbed off most of his mane and forelock, and had a lot of scaly dead skin. I use some of the best feeds and vitamins on the market for horses and the choicest hays, but still had skin problems arise. After a few weeks on Omega Horseshine®, a lot of the bald patches cleared up and I noticed that my stallion was no longer trying to “lay” on the fence and his coat took on a nice glow.

A broodmare that I owned had quite a few fungus spots that seemed to be disappearing and you could actually see new hair growing in!

The best testimonial was my pet Miniature donkey that I have owned for twelve years. This was the first time I was able to get her coat to shine as it was usually lifeless and dull…she used to look like an old carpet. No more — she now has a wonderful sheen to her coat. Omega Horseshine® is the one and ONLY product that has worked for her!

I have passed the word on to fellow Miniature horse breeders from around the country that I show with….Royal Oak Farm in Florida now uses your Omega Horseshine® and loves it, they have thanked me over and over for telling them about it. I don’t usually take the time to write in a testimonial about products, but this is one of the first products I feel so strongly about, that I had to write and tell you how wonderful it is!

I am interested in future data about how Omega-3 is helping breeding and fertility problems in horses, I see there has been some research with canines in that area and it appears to be helping. As a breeder, this information would be greatly appreciated.