Omega Horseshine Transformed My Unhappy, Itchy Cow Pony Into a Shiny, Happy, Healthy Creature

Here are two “before” and two “after” pictures of my 27 year old, registered American Indian Horse, “Ranger”. He came to me through an auction three years ago with his skin and coat in horrible condition. His mane and tail were dry and brittle and his skin was itchy. He also suffered terribly from “sweat itch”, “Queens itch” — whatever you want to call it. The first two years I tried every store bought and home made remedy I could get my hands on, and nothing worked – he just got worse. He completely rubbed his mane and the top of his tail out, and would rather scratch then eat, he could get no relief. Then I read about Omega Horseshine. In one year, the combination of a good fly sheet and Omega Horseshine has transformed my unhappy, itchy cow pony into this shiny, happy, healthy creature you see in these pictures. He has been transformed from the inside out – his mane and tail are silky and full, his coat is full and shiny, and he itches no more. Ranger and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!