Our Horses + Omega Horseshine = AMAZING!

I wanted to let you guys know at Omega Fields, how much the Omega Horseshine works for us! We went on the supplement because we live in a very dry area in California, and we do not shoe our horses. So, I researched and started using the product. Within a few weeks, our horses glistened! Our Paint horse, Alamo, was always CLEAN! We barely had to brush him and he was slick as well. Their hooves are stronger as well. We have a Champagne Buckskin (Butch Cassidy), who has a very unique coat, when the sun hits it, the gold just shimmers and people make comments all the time. I got to ride him in a 4th of July Parade and we were a hit! He was sooo shiny!

The only bad thing is that when we ran out, we couldn’t find a supplier that was close, so we substituted another “gain & shine” supplement that the feed store people said was “amazing”….Uhhh…NOT! We fed our horses that “gain and shine” supplement for a couple of months and my husband & I noticed how UNSHINY they were and just really dull, back to the way they were . UGH. SO NOW, I am ONLY using Omega Horseshine and telling everyone.. even the horse forums online, because our horses just look healthier on it!

We do not “show” our horses, but we train them for the film industry and they are trick trained horses, so they HAVE to look GOOD! Thanks for the product and it needs to be EVERYWHERE!