Outstanding Products!

I have been using Omega Horseshine and Omega Nibblers for years. I think both products are outstanding. My mare loves the Nibblers and I like the fact that I can break them up into smaller pieces and put them in my pocket for an always accessible treat. They have done wonders for Pearl’s feet and coat. She is grey and even in the middle of winter, with a huge fluffy coat, dirt, and mud ground into her fur, the sun just glints off of her. It is truly amazing. I would also really recommend Canine Shine. I started giving it to my dogs after having such a good experience with the Horseshine. People (my vet included) always comment about how shiny and healthy they look. I gave a bag to a friend who’s dog was itchy and had a dull coat. After one bag he looks like a different dog, all silky and shiny and no more itching. Keep up the good work with your products!