Rescued With Omega Antioxidant

I just wanted to send this email to thank you guys for this product. I have ordered Omega Antioxidant about 3 weeks ago for my mare that has tons of problems with her coat, skin and allergies and I am already seeing the difference in her. I got this mare from a rescue facility and since I have had her, which has been 6 months now I have been trying to fix her immune system and other conditions that she has had. I have had her on different supplements and to be honest I have not seen any changes. I am one of those people when I get a supplement I want to see an improvement within a month — if I don’t I look for a different product. I have to say so far I have been impressed with Omega Antioxidant. My mare’s coat has improved drastically and I see her skin condition fading away. I am so happy to have found a supplement that actually works for my mare and the results I have seen in only 3 weeks have impressed me. I like it so much that I might put my gelding on this supplement as well.

I am amazed with the price of this product! I have spent tons of money on products that don’t work and are very expensive. This one actually works and the price is very affordable to a point that I can put my second horse on it, without budgeting for it. I am really looking forward to seeing more progress with my mare’s allergies and I have already seen her nose stop running. I watched her play outside the other day and was amazed with her coat even though she is very furry right now due to winter it still shines like it’s a summer coat and seems to be very happy with herself. I love to see her in this condition and cannot wait for more improvement. I am thinking that at some point this maybe the only supplement I will be giving her. I will be sending pictures of my new mare to the rescue facility to show them what this horse looks like now. I bet they will be asking what I have done to fix her coat. I will be sure to tell them what supplement she is on.

I also wanted to thank the lady who happened to pickup the phone when I called Omega Fields® to inquire about the product. She has gone over every single supplement available on the website and that really helped me make my choice. I think it’s great that a product expert is available to speak to the customer. Thank you.