Sheen, Little To No Itch, and No More Flakes!

Thank you so much for your comment on Instagram and for wanting to feature us! Below is the full photo that I had posted plus an extra. Dark Flame (Flame for short) is a 16 yo Friesian/Percheron cross. I have had her since she was born. She has pretty much always had mildly dry skin that can get pretty flaky in the summer as well as a great love for rubbing her mane out. Of course over the years I’ve tried every anti itch/ moisturizing product out there as well as a slew of supplements (other omega products, biotin, even black as knight) it was about a year ago I discovered the Omega Horseshine and has been on it ever since! No more flakes, her coat finally has been getting a sheen to it and little to no itching! Best of all her mane is finally growing out and isn’t irritated anymore (she would often rub it to the point it was inflamed and scabbing) I’ve also noticed that cuts and scrapes heal faster since she has been on it.