Shiny, Well-Toned, Full of Energy, & Incredibly Blessed!

Jack was rescued from a high kill shelter in Alabama at about 8 months old. He then spent nearly a year in a foster shelter, because he’s a black dog and black dogs are often considered “unadoptable” in the south.

In January of 2012, my husband found Jack on line at which led us to Crossing Paths dog rescue ( ) and the rest is history!

We adopted Jack in February of 2012 and arranged his transportation from Alabama as far as New Hampshire by a wonderful animal transport which is a part of . We met the transport truck in New Hampshire and fell in love immediately! In just a few hours Jack was at his new forever home in Maine.

From lack of exercise and not the best diet, he was a little flabby; his coat was dull and lackluster, he drooled an awful lot, and his breath was really stinky. He was, though, without a doubt, a friendly, sweet, gentle pooch who just loved our cat and us!

We changed his diet to a grain free dog chow and added Omega Fields Canine Shine along with Omega Fields Nuggets. Jack loves the nuggets so much I think he would do just about anything to get one!

Just after he arrived, we took him for his first visit to the vet. He was weighed, and given a clean bill of health, although the vet noticed his smelly breath and out of tone muscles.

A few months ago, Jack went for his annual check-up and the vet was really impressed! His muscle tone was so much better, his breath was no longer foul, yet he weighed exactly the same as his last appointment.

Today, Jack is shiny, well-toned, full of energy, and an incredible blessing to us! He loves to ride in the truck and just completed a trip to Minnesota with us! In September he’ll join us in a long trip to British Columbia.

I attribute his continued good health and appearance to Omega Fields Canine products!