Should’ve started on this stuff years ago!

I’ve been using Horseshine on my jumper for a few years now. His coat is soft and shiny, his hooves stay in good shape, and he’s overall in very good condition on this product.

So when we moved our 20yr old QH to the barn we keep my jumper at, I started him on Horseshine as well. He has a severe allergy to biting insects, and his coat in the summer months would be dry and itchy. Now, he’s got the best hair coat in the barn! He’s so slick that I have a hard time riding him bareback because his coat’s so nice and slick! His coat gleams now, and everyone who has known him in the past cannot believe the difference in him.

Also, both of my horses are usually bad about picking around their supplements in their grain. I’ve never had an instance where any Horseshine is left in the feed pan. They lick it all up!

Buy this product!!