I just want to tell you what an AMAZING product you have. In fact, I am SO IMPRESSED, I would love to become a distributor and get the word out to everyone about how much their horses will benefit from this product.

I had two horses that were having issues with cracked hooves and skin problems. I don’t remember where I first heard about Horseshine, but after learning about it I ordered a bag from the local Tractor Supply Company store. (They didn’t have it on the shelf.)

I started feeding this to my horses and over a period of 6 months they grew out beautiful new HEALTHY hooves, their skin issues went away, their coats shed faster and their hair was so SHINEY! My 16-yr old gelding’s joints creaked frequently before Horseshine and only very rarely after Horseshine.

I’m just sick that I never thought a product would be so amazing that I actually REGRET the fact that I didn’t take “before” and “after” photos to prove to everyone that I’m not crazy – THIS STUFF WORKS!!!