Sparkling Golden Color

A few months ago, I bought my first bag of your Omega Horseshine® product to help our Tennessee Walker filly grow some heal and also to enhance our palomino stallion’s coat since he is used for showing. The results have been fantastic!!! We had tried several other products (much more expense!), but had no results. After about five weeks of using your product, our filly went from being flat footed to having a nice, healthy, normal heal!! The next time our farrier came, he couldn’t believe the results and we were able to avoid the need for corrective shoeing!!

Our Tennessee Walking Stallion’s coat is now a beautiful sparkling golden palomino color and is having much success in the show ring as he won the model and color classes we competed in two weeks ago! Since my stallion is turned out 24/7, it was always a struggle to maintain his golden palomino color. Thanks to Omega Horseshine® this is no longer a problem and his coat is as golden as ever. Since we had such much success with Omega Horseshine®, we started giving it to our other two horses!

Attached is a picture of my stallion, Ivory Pal, taken at a show two weeks ago. Notice the sparkling golden color of his coat after only 2.5 months on Omega Horseshine®.