Sweet Itch Problems Cleared Up!

I see your product does not have fillers…that is good. I research a lot when I choose a product. My gelding quarter horse had sweet itch according to my vet…but he is much better now. He sometimes itched the hair off of his white face…now it’s so nice. He was raw at the girth area sometimes and now he is not. He has cleared up a lot. I have been using Omega Horseshine® for a couple of months. I do give it to my mare and my colt who is 4 l/2 months old…they both look awesome…shiny. Here is the picture of my little colt. See how shiny he is after over a month of Omega Horseshine®??? He is beautiful. He had a dull coat there for awhile…but not now. I read that you must be careful about where you buy flaxseed for your horses. Some of it is not pure…but I checked your references. I can also see a difference.