This Must Be My Imagination

Good afternoon, I have 2 young horses, both 5 years old, one buckskin and one piebald paint . Their location is in partial wet lands. The ground is far from perfect! Some parts would be considered very dry while other areas extremely damp! And located in a heavily wooded area. With the above conditions you can imagine the list of issues I have faced every day/every season! Since the horses have been in this location I have had an issue with their coat, bug bites, hooves, and over all look and appearance L I started them out on your Omega Horseshine, Almost 2 weeks ago. And already can see a huge difference in their appearance! They actually feel like Velvet, as they are shedding their winter coat, where one of them had blade spots all over his rump has hair now! I cannot get over your product! It has only been 2 weeks !

Now I was thinking, “This must be my imagination”! Until last night as I was stopped 3x’s by different people who asked me, what have I done different that these horses are shining,(as they once did, when I first purchased them) I am so excited over your product, I cannot speak enough about it! And can hardly wait to hit the 2 month mark, as many of your reviews I have read, (all good) have commented on product as of 2 months they have noticed a difference!