Treats She Loves Without Causing Any Problems

Two years ago my cow horse “Candy “ started to tie up during training. She had never had this problem before, but for whatever reason it had become a recurring issue. My vet recommended a change to a low starch diet with additional selenium and vitamin E. That change was easy for both of us, but the real problem was what to do about treats? I’ve always rewarded my horses with treats and now those were off limits. I did some research and found a couple of different low starch treats, including yours. The other brand was NOT well received. Yours however, were readily accepted and seemed very palatable! I was so excited and relieved to be able to continue to give my horse the treats she loves without causing any problems. Since the diet change (including Nibblers) she’s never had another episode of tieing up.

Last year, my 12 year old mare Sugar developed a case of Laminitis. She too had to go on a low starch diet. This time, I knew exactly how to handle the change and Nibblers were and are an integral part of her life.

Thank you for developing a product that allows me to care for my horses dietary needs without sacrificing the little things they enjoy so much.