VA Show Stopper

Hi, I just returned from exhibiting my three-year-old Mountain Pleasure Horse Gelding. He was only in the display stall for the last 90 minutes as the event was winding down to close but in that time I had three people stop and comment about his condition and ask or speculate about what contributed to such fine condition. One man said this must be a “daily wormer” horse. (No, Omega Horseshine®!) A woman from a nearby booth, who was selling a line of nutritional supplements, asked what I was supplementing and when I told her she said, “of course – essential fatty acids.” Another man stopped, looked him over and said, “your horse is in great condition, what do you feed him?” My horse is on no special diet. He gets pasture grass, a little timothy hay, sweet feed from a local mill and Omega Horseshine®. We are very pleased with the results of supplementing with Omega Horseshine® for only about six weeks!