Very Pleased

This product, Omega Horseshine, has done wonders for my horses. We raise Rare Ardenne Draft horses imported from Europe. This has brought out the best coats and hooves I’ve had in a while. I have been using your product now for 3 years and have been very pleased. By accident I found out Omega Horseshine does wonders for Scratches. My newest imported mare, the Bay, developed scratches and I was washing and treating her several times a week. I tried putting her on extra Omega Horseshine and it went away within a week! When we were away, our caretaker did not supplement the horses so the scratches came back. We put her back on the Horseshine and the scratches healed once again! This mare also foaled a 3 weeks early and as you can see from the picture the foal is perfectly healthy.
I recommend you product to everyone.