Was Struggling a Couple of Years Ago with Issues Regarding Sand in His Gut

I have been using Omega Horse Shine at Sky Lodge Christian Camp in Montello, WI for approximately 2 years now. One of our horses, Shotgun, is a Welsh pony cross. He is in his mid to upper 20s. He was struggling a couple years ago with issues regarding sand in his gut. He had several mild colic episodes and the vet said that if we didn’t get it under control, we could lose him. So, I put him on Omega HorseShine and he never had any issues with sand again.
He’s the paint on the left. An added benefit, his coat shines, especially in the summer. I now use it monthly as a sand colic prevention for the whole herd. We have 16 horses and we have a tight budget (we are a non-profit) but, I feed it to the horses as often as I can.