We Can See the Results Everyday

In March 2013, we adopted a yearling thoroughbred who – along with other emaciated horses (14 yearlings, 6 mares, and 18 three year olds) – were rescued by the Louisiana Horse Rescue from Ryder Farm (Click Here for more info on the Ryder Farm).

The filly, we named Shadow, was extremely thin even after two months of feeding by the rescue. She had severe rain rot along her back and legs and a very poor hair coat in general. Her feet had never been trimmed and were cracked and turned up. Her mane and tail were like straw.

We started her on Omega Horseshine immediately. As you can see from the before and after pictures I have attached, the changes in Shadow are very dramatic – even more than we expected in 3 short months. In just 30 days, her rain rot was almost gone.

All of our horses are on Horseshine, and we can see the results every day, but we didn’t expect so much in so little time. Her coat is like silk now, and her mane and tail are thick and glossy. Her feet are growing in smooth and strong. And, she’s shot up several inches; at 18 months, she’s 15’1”.

Thank you, Omega Fields, for giving us a gorgeous horse, inside and out!