Weight Gain and Better Health for 23 Year Old QH Previously Losing Weight Over a 3 Year Period

I previously wrote a testimonial on the benefits of Omega Horseshine and want to thank you so much for the free bag you sent as a thank you. I gave that free bag to a friend who’s 23 yo QH, Finn, has yet to be diagnosed with anything specific, but has been continuously losing weight over the past 3 years. Finn was beginning to look like a starvation case, his hair had thinned to almost bald, and his skin had a sticky, oily feel to it. He had been generally depressed and his overall health poor. His food and hay consumption had risen, various medication added, but there was no visible evidence anything was working for him.

Its now been a month since my friend started using Omega Horseshine and Finn has gained about 100#. His hair is growing back and his coat no longer has that sticky feel to it. Finn looks like a healthy, happy horse and actually bolted through the field towards the pony the other morning. Listening to her relate that story made me feel so good inside. You see my friend has leukemia and is not well herself. Watching her heart-and-soul horse fade away was making her sicker. So Omega Horseshine has done a fabulous job for both my friend’s health and for Finn. God bless you!