Would Definitely Recommend To Other Horse Owners

This is my OTTB, Prince Teton. He came to me a couple years ago pretty neglected, and had a lot of skin issues. I tried a lot of different meds and treatments, but it never completely cleared up. He also had those typical shelly Thoroughbred hooves. I’m not a huge supplement person, I usually just feed a good balanced diet for maintenance, but it was clear that Teton needed a “kick”. I remembered hearing about Omega Fields on an ad somewhere that Monty Roberts did, and I liked what I heard and also read a lot of good reviews on it, so I went with the Horseshine. Teton is pictured here about two weeks into the supplement and results were already evident then.
Here are a few things I’ve noticed that changed with Teton in the last month since I’ve had him on it. They might not all be direct results of the supplement, but I haven’t done anything else different, so I’m inclined to think the changes that aren’t advertised with the supplement probably come from his overall better health since he’s been on it.
The biggest thing, his skin has totally cleared up! It is smooth and looks very healthy and happy. He is not nearly as sensitive to being touched; before, he’d turn into a monster for grooming, and now he doesn’t mind a bit!
This coat is shiny and dark. He does have a problem with fading in summer, and I’m hoping this will also help with that. So far it still looks good.
His hooves are a lot stronger, and hold their shoes better. My farrier didn’t know I had put him on a new supplement, and he commented on how much better his hooves were looking!
He’s building up a really nice topline, and he’s staying at a healthy weight; before, he couldn’t keep weight on without eating tons of feed and beet pulp every day.
He seems to feel a lot better overall, and as long as he looks this good, I’m saved from a lot of worry and can spend more time having fun with him! Teton will be on Omega Horseshine as long as I have him, and I’ll use it on any other future horses that need a little extra help. I would definitely recommend it to other horse owners.