Lee & Hallie Hanssen

Lee Hanssen
 Hallie Hanssen

About Lee & Hallie Hanssen

Discipline: Equine

Specialties: Professional Trainer

Horses: Quarter Horses

Location: Hermosa, SD

Websites:  melvinranch.com

Career Highlights and Goals:

1. WPRA  Reserve World Champion
2. BFA World Champion
3. Fizzbomb Futurity Champion
4. 5 - States Futurity
5. Cornhusker Futurity Champion
6. VGBRA Futurity Champion
7. High Plain  Futurity Champion 
8. Grid Iron Futurity Champion
9. WPRA Futurity Champion

Why We Recommend Omega Horseshine

Hallie and I have loved horses since we can remember. What started out as a simple hobby has turned into a career and during passion.  Competing at the professional level is very demanding on our horses. That is why we trust Omega Fields to help our horses look and feel their best.  Over the years we have fed many great products, and Omega Fields flax based supplements continue to help our horses perform at the top of their game. When you look good, you feel good and our horses look awesome with the help of these outstanding products. We are grateful to be a part of their team. ~Lee and Hallie Hanssen

“We can’t imagine our program without Omega Fields products (Omega SureGut and Omega Horseshine). Photo of Margarita Red Rita (below) getting ready to run in the finals at the richest futurity in the world…Ft Smith. Thank you Omega Fields for being part of our success!”  ~ Hallie and Lee Hanssen (Hallie Placed 4th in the finals)
Hallie Hanseen Wins Classic Equine, So. Buckeye AZ slot race Jan. 8, 2017
Hallie Hanseen wins Classic Equine, So. Buckeye AZ slot race Jan 8, 2017
Omega Fields spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen placed 10th in the 2nd round and ended up 13th in the average at Cheyenne Frontier Days.
Hallie Hanseen American Qualifer 2017
Hallie Hanseen American Qualifer
Hallie Hanseen Takes 1st in American Qualifier at the 6th Annual Prospector Challenge
Hallie Hanseen and Tres Movidas Diamond And Dirt Derby Champions 2017
Hallie Hanssen and Tres Movidas, owned by Tom Jacobs, Diamond and Dirt Derby Champions 2017
Parker Wood Memorial Futurity Derby Champion 2017
Hallie placing 5th at Glenwood Memorial.


Hallie Hanssen

Hallie Hanssen and Tres Movidas Lead WCRA Barrel Racing Pack. They are blazing the trail to the $500,000 WCRA Semifinals.  READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE on Barrel Horse News

Hallie Melvin Hanssen and Tres Movidas winning second at the WCRA 2018 $500,000 semi finals advancing to the Windy City $1,000,000 Finals.  Tres Movidas has been on Omega Horseshine for the past 3 years!

Hallie Melvin Hanssen