Robert M. Liner & Spirit of the Horse

Robert M. Liner & Spirit of the Horse

About Robert & Spirit of the Horse

Discipline: Natural Horsemanship

Specialties: Professional Trainer, Clinician, Equine Education Specialist

Horses: Vern's Blue Valentine (Quarter Horse), Opie's Tuff Bar King (Paint Horse), RA Sunny Delight (Quarter Horse), Swingin Lei Lena (Quarter Horse), Miss Erin (Thoroughbred), Painted Hot Spot (Paint Horse)

Associations: Certified Horsemanship Association, AQHA, APHA, JC, Texas & Southwest Cattle Raisers

Location: Dallas, TX


"Omega Grande not only makes my horses look and feel better, but has developed a mental clarity in my horses when I am riding and training.  I would recommend this product to anyone interested in having a better ride with their horse."– Robert M. Liner

History, Career Highlights, and Future Goals

Spirit of the Horse clinics are a life changing learning experience with excellent instruction you can trust so people can gain the confidence, courage, and knowledge to be inspired to ride.  Our mission is to inspire.

Spirit of the Horse has been educating the public for 16 years at the State Fair of Texas, 6 years at the North Texas State Fair & Rodeo, and 5 years at the North Texas Irish Festival.  Other venues include 6 years at W.E.S.T. (Women's Equine Symposium of Texas), M.I.L.E.S. (Men's In Line Equine Seminar), Horse Hero 2010 (Bluebonnet Equine Rescue, Texas & New Mexico Cowboy Churches, United Churches, APHA Paint Worlds, 4-H, Texas Scottish Rite's Hospital Farm & Ranch Days, Inner City Horse Course (Dallas Parks & Recreation), horse rescues and non-profits, Purina Mills H.O.W. Clinic Ambassador, and Lonestar Park World of Horses.

Robert M. Liner's goal has been dedicated to lowering the risk and loss of injury to horse, rider, and participants by offering positive and pro-active solutions to at risk horses and their owners.  Liner is recognized as the equine problem solver and specialist. He has spent years and personal resources helping horses that were branded un-trainable.  Eventually making those horses part of the Spirit of the Horse program, to the delight and amazement of their owners. Starting in Arizona with his horse True Son, it took him four years to gain the trust and confidence of a horse that became a crowd favorite in his many demonstrations over the past 20 years. Robert Liner even trained the horses for an almost impossible journey of neophyte riders from the UK on the Long Ride 2010, a journey from Texas to Montana, which was accomplished after six months of grueling hardship and challenging riding.

Featured in newspapers, international magazines, television, radio, and cable.  Liner has been referred to as the Dr. Phil of horse trainers by Channel 8 news on more than one occasion.

As a Certified Horsemanship Association Instructor, Robert has gained the reputation of not compromising a horse or rider's safety, for any reason, no matter how long it takes.

Spirit of the Horse is expanding and giving back more than ever to create a better environment for not only horses, but all living beings.  Robert Liner's goal is to run his company as 90/10. He plans on giving back 90% of his income and living on the other 10%.

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Why Do You Use Omega Fields'® Products?

During the spring of 2012, Spirit of the Horse first started using Omega Fields when our horse RA Sunny Delight, Nick, had a series of accidents. Early one morning in January, Nick started his year long journey and clumsily came up to the barn with half his mane pulled out and a softball size lump on the right size of his upper jaw. After several vet evaluations and many x-rays, the conclusion was made that Nick caught his head in something, broke part of his facial crest, had a concussion, and was lucky to still be able to move.

After several months of rehabilitation and having frequent dental exams Nick looked like he might start to make a recovery. In April his journey took a turn when Nick severely foundered due to the inability to grind down his food and digest the nutrients properly. We spent months rehabbing him from the founder. Our biggest challenge was getting the nutrition to him so he could now go from looking like a rescue horse to looking healthy. After about a month we were able to start feeding him mash with little results. We looked everywhere and tried many products to find something he could digest and get nutrients from. We finally came across Omega Grande. This product was incredible and took Nick from looking like a poor rescue horse to a healthy horse in a month and to a full bodied Quarter Horse in two months. We use Omega Grande to keep all our horses looking good and healthy. This is a great product and has proven results.

Swingin Lei Lena – Before photo. We rescued her from slaughter earlier this year in February (RIGHT)
Swingin Lei Lena – After photo. After 9 months on Omega Fields(LEFT)


Robert Liner Is The Journey Horseman

Robert Liner says he literally developed his horse experience from the ground up.  “That’s the perspective I often had in the early days of training - because I got bucked off a lot.”

Liner wasn’t raised in a ranching family or in a position of financial privilege.  He got his lessons the hard way and the most difficult to train horses were his best teachers. Not only did he learn the hardships of horsemanship but also how to deal with the negativity, frequent rejections and naysayers.  No matter what the challenge was, that never kept him from trying to learn from the horse. 

A turning point came in his horsemanship in the form of an unruly colt that was gifted to him because nobody could handle him.  It took four years of hard work, patience and a lot of cowboy fortitude to get that horse under saddle. 

Ten years later that same horse was the featured attraction at Liner’s first public demonstrations at the State Fair of Texas, World of Horses, venue.  He went on to be the star attraction for a combined 20 years at the State Fair of Texas and North Texas State Fair, giving numerous colt starting, problem solving, and equine education clinics.  Liner’s path to becoming a well-respected and admired clinician/horseman was inspired by his time learning and studying mentors such as Craig Cameron, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Linda Tellington-Jones, John Lyons, Pat Parelli, Martin Black and many, many other gifted and talented horsemen and woman.  

Liner’s vast horse background ranges from colt starting and problem solving to mounted patrol, search and rescue, trail guide, ranch cowboy, safety instructor and equine consultant. This has made him a favorite among colleges, churches, camps, and horse rescues as an inspiring instructor and motivational speaker. He has served as an equine instructor, equestrian camp director, and trainer to hundreds of students and attendees of his clinics, demonstrations, and camps. As an industry specialist in helping the most challenging of horses regain their purpose, he is an advocate for the benefits of only offering a horse the best in management, training, feed and nutritional supplements.

"Twenty-five years of experience from the ground up have taught me one thing," Liner says. "The only way to improve your horse and yourself intelligently and safely is to offer your very best first."

“My commitment to horses is to keep my word with how I said I will train them, to not take anything personally they do while being trained, to keep myself physically and mentally tuned through my actions and habits, and to do the best I can in all my endeavors.  Those are my horsemanship agreements.”

The Journey Horseman travels the country offering educational clinics, horse training, and private instruction.  Ride with The Journey Horseman and put yourself on your own horsemanship journey.