Pat Parelli Endorses Omega Grande

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Omega Fields receives Endorsement for Omega Grande® from Pat Parelli of Parelli Natural Horsemanship

Newton, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. receives a strong endorsement of its Omega Grande® product, a flax based complete nutritional supplement from Pat Parelli of Parelli Natural Horsemanship (

Here is what Pat Parelli had to say about Omega Grande®:

“My horses were just not looking their best.  Since I’ve switched to Omega Grande I can already see and feel a difference in just a few weeks.  They are shinier, have better muscle tone and so easy to feed!”
– Pat Parelli

And here is Pat’s barn manager, David Berry, responsible for the feeding program for Pat’s horses:

It has only been four weeks since we started the horses on Grande and I have seen several positive changes already.  We feed Grande on top of our own special grain mix.  The mix consists of oats, barley, sunflower seeds and a little bit of ground limestone.  I have been able to reduce the amount of grain being fed since starting Grande. The horses eat it easily with or without grain.  I have witnessed improvements in coat condition with every horse.  They are all shedding their old dull winter coats and growing soft sleek shiny hair back in its place. Our red horses are getting redder and out black horses blacker.

   The most impressive change I have seen is in their muscle tone.  We were trying another complete feed before. The horses were fat but they had trouble developing muscle.  They would either be fat ponies or skinny horses. We were finding it difficult to get them fit.  Now, with Grande, they are rapidly developing muscle with exercise rather than just losing weight.    As time goes on I expect to see continued positive changes in our horses.  As an added benefit, my feed room looked like a pharmacy before Grande.  Grande has eliminated the need for mass supplementation and has allowed me to reduce the amount of raw ingredients I keep on hand.  In the past we have always been able to have fit and healthy horses but we had to mix all of our ingredients ourselves to get the desired results while keeping our principles intact.  Now nutrition is easy!  Sometimes nature and science can work really well together.  Grande is a good example of that!

And from Lisa Alley-Zarkades (owner of Panadero XLVI – Omega Grande Ambassador and the “pretty face” on the packaging):

“Panadero XLVI has been a loyal Omega Grande® Ambassador for many years now. His photographic beauty in films and pictures has shown off his amazing shimmering silver shine. He gets many compliments regularly on his beautiful shine as his coat color evolves each year. Panadero’s longtime trainer and partner is Margit Deerman, 3 Star Parelli instructor.   She has taken Panadero to Level 4 in the Parelli Program. And he has been a guest at the Parelli Pagosa Springs Ranch several times. Linda Parelli has ridden him while at her ranch. She has always been very complimentary of his behavior, temperament and beauty.  Omega Grande and Parelli natural horsemanship have been our winning combination.”

“Wow! It is very gratifying to be put to the test by such well experienced, discerning and demanding professionals as the Parelli’s and pass muster with flying colors” said Omega Fields’ President – Sean Moriarty.