Benefits of Supplementing Horses with Vitamin E

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Vitamin E serves as a powerful antioxidant to maintain many normal body functions of the horse. The vitamin is important to many areas of the horse’s body, including the eyes, neuromuscular system and reproductive tract. Of course, there are likely many other ways that it serves the body that haven’t yet been determined! Do you […]

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Omega Fields Natural Omega-3 Supplements for the Whole Family

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Great athletes deserve great products. Natural omega-3 supplements for the whole family. Help improve the health and quality of life for your horse. Made from stabilized ground whole flaxseed…a true superfood.Learn more about Omega Fields supplements and treats – Strengthening the Bond –There are no shortcuts to delivering the care your horse needs. You’re […]

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John Samsill Feels Omega Horseshine COMPLETE Helps Him In Today’s Ultra-Competitive World of Roping

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John Samsill

Written By – Omega Fields Spokesperson, John Samsill In the past I have talked about how great Omega Fields Horseshine COMPLETE makes my horses look. Although it is true that my horses do look much better since I started feeding them Omega Horseshine COMPLETE, it’s only half of the story. As a competitor I want […]

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