Testimonial From The Budget Equestrian

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I have been using Omega Fields Horseshine on my horses for the past 6 years, because it was recommended to me by a friend who loves her horses as much as I do. She told me what a difference it had made for her, so I figured why not give it a try. I can honestly say that Horseshine is by far the best supplement I have ever used. Both of my horses are seniors. One is 22 and one is 23. They get Horseshine morning and night, and they have the most beautiful coats! Not only are the coats fantastic, but their hooves! Their hooves are super strong! They don’t act like seniors either! They run around and play just like younger horses. I am pretty sure it is because of Horseshine.
I have tried a LOT of supplements over my history of 30 years of owning horses, and nothing compares to this product. One time I was told by a rep that they had the best all in one product for coats, health and hooves. They claimed theirs was a better product, and the rep touted how great it was, and there were a lot of people in the audience that said the same thing, so I decided to give it a try. I noticed a difference in their coats over time. They didn’t have the same deep shine, and my 23 year old started rubbing his tail. He never did that when he was on Horseshine and they just didn’t have the bloom that they had when they were on Horseshine.
I went back to what I should have stayed with the entire time, Omega Horseshine. Within 2 weeks their coats were nice and shiny again and they had that ‘bloom’ that Horseshine delivers. I learned my lesson, and I will never use another supplement again. Others may say their product is better, but honestly, nothing compares to Omega Fields’ Horseshine. I could post a picture here to show you, but I think a better testimonial is to look at my horses on YouTube channel, or Instagram, or blog. Then you can see over time, for the long haul how well this product works. Here are some links to blog posts I’ve written about Omega Horseshine.

If you don’t believe me and aren’t convinced by the photos and videos I have of my boys, buy a bag of it and try it for yourself. I know you will be impressed. If you want your horse to have a deep down shine from the inside out, you have got to try this product. There really is no comparable product that I have found.
When you feed your horse Horseshine, you will see a difference. You won’t have to use a shine spray to get a glow, the product does it for you!

Written By: Lisa Goodwin, The Budget Equestrian

Handling Aggression In Horses

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Expect it. Accept it. But understand it as well. Aggressiveness is part of every horse’s behavioral repertoire to varying degrees, a normal phenomenon. Horses can behave aggressively – pin back their ears, kick, bite, or charge – to protect their foals, maintain their position within the herd, defend themselves, and compete sexually. But there is a limit; if your horse’s aggressive behavior threatens the safety of other horses and humans, you’ll need to step in and change that behavior. Before you try to create a “beauty” out of your “beast”, though, you need to understand why the animal is aggressive. Start with…


If you notice an increase in your horse’s aggression level, whether sudden change or gradual, have your veterinarian examine the animal. Chronic pain – like the pain associated with navicular disease and arthritis, can make horses irritable and highly reactive to minor discomfort; so can sudden changes like that caused by an abscess. Continue reading Handling Aggression In Horses

Omega Fields at Massachusetts Equine Affaire 2016

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. announces that it will be at the 2016 MA Equine Affaire in W. Springfield, MA on November 10-13, 2016. This year we will be our 3rd year partnering with Cheshire Horse for the retail sales of our products at booth #509 and #510 in the Better Living Center Building. The Cheshire Horse will be providing a gift with purchase and show discounts on all products. Again this year, there will be a FREE 6 month Omega Horseshine product giveaway from Omega Fields – all you have to do is sign up at the booth for your chance to win. Other product giveaways include NEW Omega Nibblers Low Sugar & Starch horse treats and NEW Omega Smart Hearts soft baked dog treats. Also available for sale & to order will be Saddle Right saddle pads and general manager, Janette Freeman will be at the booth to answer any questions you may have. Continue reading Omega Fields at Massachusetts Equine Affaire 2016

A Better Understanding of Guaranteed Analysis -Why units: % min/max , PPM and IU are used

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Components in the diet that are present in larger amounts will be listed as % . In a traditional feed, that would include crude fiber, fat, protein and the macrominerals Ca and P. It is optional to include more information on a feed tag. If the items are in large enough quantities, it makes sense to list them in %. Calcium and P are always listed in mins/max – it allows some flexibility as feedstuffs naturally have some variation, but the manufacturer has to provide the customer the assurance they fall within that range.

Components that are found in smaller quantities, the trace minerals are listed in ppm. Although most people still think in pounds, I always prefer to think about ppm in mg/kg. The reason I do so is that the requirements for these nutrients are always listed in mgs, so it just makes sense to get that answer right away.

IU are international units which are only used for vitamins. Because vitamins act as catalysts , their unit of measure is relative to the amount of activity they have. Each vitamin will actually have a different weight required for its international unit. Of course, some vitamins are actually listed in concentration by weight, however A, E and D will all be as IU.

Essentially, macronutrients will always be in %, micronutrients in ppm, and A, D, and E in IU.

Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen Reserve Champion at LG Pro Classic Futurity

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Sheboygan, Wisconsin – Omega Fields, Inc. is proud to congratulate and announce one of its spokespeople, Hallie Hanssen for a successful LG Pro Classic Futurity in Kinder, LA last weekend. Hallie and Tres Movidas (owned by Tom Jacobs) were reserve champions, earning $12,500. Hallie feeds Omega Horseshine® (https://www.omegafields.com/equine-products/omega-horseshine-29.html) and Omega SureGut™ (https://www.omegafields.com/equine-products/omega-suregut.html) to her futurity and derby barrel horses. She also uses Omega Nibblers® as her go to Omega-3 based horse treat (https://www.omegafields.com/equine-products/omega-nibblersr.html).

Continue reading Omega Fields Spokesperson, Hallie Hanssen Reserve Champion at LG Pro Classic Futurity